The tradition of the Masters of Technology.

GROHE has a rich tradition of creating market-leading products. GROHE has expanded its core competencies by acquiring the skills and experience of innovative enterprises. Each new acquisition has made a new know-how incorporated in the portfolio. The best example is Carl Nestler: founded in 1873, the company had already earned a reputation as a faucet-maker in the early years and developed the new thermostat technology with advanced optimisations. The company has been part of GROHE since 1956 and to this day the thermostats still remain an important part of the GROHE product portfolio. They influence the corporate DNA of GROHE.

The company started as a ferric hardware factory in 1911 under the name Berkenhoff & Paschedag, located in Hemer, Germany; it was taken over by Friedrich Grohe in 1936, who focused on sanitary faucets only and in 1948 the company was renamed to Friedrich Grohe Armaturenfabrik
Time after time, more pioneering companies have been brought into the GROHE Group to strengthen the business as part of our drive to offer consumers the latest and best technology.

In September 2013, it was announced that Grohe had received the largest ever investment from a Japanese company in the country and in January 2014 GROHE was taken over by the LIXIL Group and the Development Bank of Japan.

Grohe is currently Europe’s biggest manufacturer of sanitary fittings and has eight percent of the worldwide market. The German market makes up roughly 15 percent of overall sales.