Modern, minimalist design and award-winning technology.
Grohe Thermostats combine modern, minimalist design with our award-winning thermostatic technology for a relaxing shower experience.
The contemporary design is enhanced by GROHE StarLight® chrome – a deep, luxurious finish, which resists soiling and tarnishing, and an extensive range of products means there’s a perfect solution for every bathroom and every situation, whether a renovation or new build, behind or in front of the wall, a single private residence or extensive commercial project.
Grohe Thermostats are equipped with the most advanced precision-made cartridges in the industry, our GROHE TurboStat® engine. By increasing the sensitivity of the thermo-element, our thermostats react to changes in water pressure twice as fast as before, resulting in a safer and more comfortable bath and shower experience.
The Grohe Thermostats are the ideal mixer for every kind of user, from children to seniors, due to the award-winning Grohe CoolTouch® technology, which ensures that the entire outer surface never exceeds your preferred shower temperature. By designing our thermostats to include an innovative cooling channel, we have created a barrier between the hot water and the chrome surface – so it’s never too hot to handle.
For a water-efficient bathroom, the EcoButton on the handle enables you to reduce your water consumption by 50%.

Enjoy taking a refreshing shower more than ever before!!

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